Dolesh Family

Dolesh Family

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I should probably write more often, but it is hard to know what to say, much less what to feel, much much less what to share.  Some days I am excited and other days I wonder what in the world we are doing.  Some days I can't wait, other days I wonder if we can still back out.  And every day I wonder how we will pay for this/him/her.  I wonder how I can love another child as much as I love my biological children.  I wonder if I will regret doing this.  Logically and realistically I know I will come to love this new adopted child equally and completely, and most likely I will wonder how we ever questioned if we should do this or not.  But that is really hard to imagine at this point.  Especially since it seems we are light years away from the final "product", and life is busy enough as it is.  I think going from one child to two I have learned a lot about staying calm amid chaos and even enjoying the happy chaos.  I still don't really know what I want to do with my life, but the one thing I know is this: I like being a mom.  I like being tired at the end of the day from being the best mom that I can be.  That being said- it is time for bed.

Disclaimer:  I have looked at several blogs (some even adoption-specific) lately that are very cute and put-together.  I don't have time for making this look nice, but please imagine some nice backdrops as you are reading and enjoy some ice cream (if you haven't seen forks over knives) while you read.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome to our Adoption Blog

Family and Friends, welcome to our Adoption Blog.  I have to admit, blogging is not a first language for either of us.  We have always felt too busy to blog.  Here we go though...we have  decided to proceed forward with our blog and you have now become our blaudience.

This blog however, is not about what we think necessarily or what we wish we could do. This blog has officially become about what we are doing, namely adopting.  As you may have seen in an earlier blog, short enough to be a tweet, we have officially taken the step to adopt.  While this journey is officially three weeks old, the desire started much earlier for us. In fact, this is our second attempt at adopting.  Our challenges in having kids helped push us over the edge to make adoption a reality.  This has never been a consolation prize for not having kids of our own.  It was just that we were 'done' with the pursuit of trying to have kids of our own after trying for a period of time with our second and we were ready to start the next chapter of our family.  We took the plunge and started process of adopting from Ethiopia.  A week after we started the process, Katy informed me that this whole adoption thing was getting a little complicated as she was pregnant.  Merritt, our daughter, was on the way and our adoption was now on hold.

We are now back in the saddle and have decided to pursue adoption from the Congo.  Our hope is that this blog will be a medium for sharing some of the reasons we have chosen to adopt and why we have decided to adopt from the Congo.  In addition, we expect to learn a lot during this process and hope we can share this process with you, bridging the cultural gaps that are wide for us too right now.  We expect many of you will walk alongside us as we attempt to bring this child into our family and we see it beneficial that you understand as much about this child as you do one of our biological children.  This child will not be the 'adopted child'.  Rather, this child will be our third child. 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing the process with you.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We changed to DRC.  Democratic Republic of Congo. We are adopting a child between the ages of 0-2, either a boy or girl.