Dolesh Family

Dolesh Family

Monday, July 13, 2015

Going to the Camp

Hello again, it has been awhile.  It is also summer and so I wanted to pass along a few picture updates from our summer.  Stimson and Merritt are very much into summer mode.  Summer in Montana can feel short and so we attempt to take advantage as much as we can of the great outdoors.  We attempt to camp as much as we can Merritt says "We are going to the Camp".

We tend to gravitate towards Glacier National Park in the summer and so below are a few of the pictures we took from our trip there in May and July.
Stimson and Merritt became "Junior Rangers"

Official "Junior Park Rangers" with their badges

Avalanche Lake

The moment looking at the waterfall before fighting over who would be the 'Leader'.

Merritt and I overlooking Hidden Lake while Katy and Stimson climbed a mountain.

Pedal bike adventures for Merritt

Lake time after a long day hiking

Heading up to Ptarmigan Tunnel - Merritt's BIG hike

Ptarmigan Tunnel.  The other end was in the clouds.

All those years of telling Stimson stories when we hiked finally paid off when Stimson told Merritt a story to keep her occupied on the 6 mile hike down.

Documentation that Merritt made it down after hiking 9 miles so she could be like Timmy.

The bear Merritt, Stimson, and I ran into.  We were more worried about the tourists and their bear spray than we were about the bear at that moment.  

Sorry for the unfortunate tail end view.  I just needed a Mountain Dew to go head-to-head with this animal.