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Dolesh Family

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Keeping up with the Kid-ashians – (Tax) Season 1

Winter was back this week
I doubt there are many people in our family circles that “Keep Up with the Kardashians”.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, there is little to gain in ‘keeping up’ with them.  For a couple of days last week, many locals were tracking the Kardashians and their visit to Bozeman.  Apparently they had an interest in extending their rather uninteresting reality TV show into the state of Unabombers, open space, fishing, hunting, gun rights, and mountains for a dog sled excursion (aka film event).  For most people, that visit probably would have gone undetected had they not attempted to drive the roads here. Check it out if you want to learn more about their high maintenance adventures.  Regardless, if you do keep up with the Kardashians, you will be happy to know they are safe and unharmed….only uncontrollable screams and crying from the entourage during the car accident.  If they had filmed that, I might actually watch it.....

Our family has similar drama, as most with kids do, so I thought it might be a good point to help you keep up with our “Kid-ashians”.  Before I update you on our reality show, I gotta say there are two scenarios with kids that make me smile and enjoy life a bit more.  One is a happy household.  That can mean several things, but a few characteristics come to mind - my kids playing well together, no emotional drama from my kids, no attitudes from my kids, my kids laughing and playing together, my kids wanting to help, my kids saying they love me, etc.  The second scenario is when I see the emotional drama, attitudes, fighting with kids.....and they are NOT MY OWN!!!! is so refreshing to see other kids doing those long as my kids are not taking notes.  Sometimes our pictures and our social media updates make it appear as if everyone else's kids are perfect and mine are the only ones acting up.  There has been plenty of drama here…...breaking up fights and arguments and trying to help my kids understand that competition is a good thing, but it doesn't have to involve who eats the fastest....among other things.     
"Fancy Day" at school

During our walks to school this week in the winter weather, I had several conversations with the kids about life….or life as they know it.  I thought I would share those here.

Question 1: Do you like tax season?
Stimson (S) - Yes
Merritt (M) - Yes

Question 2: What do you like about tax season?
S - The before-school program
M - We get to go to a hotel

Question 3: What are you looking forward to doing with Nana when she comes to visit?
M - Go shopping

S - (unanswered)

Question 4: What do you like least about tax season?
S & M - We miss mom

Question 5: What would you tell mom if you had an hour with her over dinner?
S - I don't like tax season because I don't get to spend time with you.
M - Can I have some french fries and a flat egg?
"Shopping" with Dad

Question 6: What is your favorite food that mom makes?
S - Scones for breaskfast and Oreos
M - Granola (cereal) for breakfast, Pickles for lunch, and Pesto Pasta for dinner

Question 7: What is something you like doing with mom?
S - Playing "Sorry"
M - Going to Nastiks

Question 8: What is the best thing that mom has taught you?
S - How to be polite
M - How to go down a water slide at a hotel

Question 9: What is your favorite game to play with mom?
S - Uno
M - Crazy 8's

In other news this week, we were desperate and pulled an old friend off the street to watch the kids so we could attend a wedding reception....only to discover on the way to the reception that we were off a day.  UNPLANNED DATE NIGHT!!!!!  Stimson and Katy got to ski today and Merritt and I hung out downtown.


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